Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some Ruby 3D Math Classes

I converted some of my TekCAD 3D math legacy into Ruby and released a few classes as the eymiha_math3-0.1.0 gem on RubyForge as part of my "chunks of ruby infrastructure" project.

Included are:

  • Point3 - a cartesian 3D point, with lots of computational methods
  • Point3c - a cyclindical 3D point
  • Point3s - a spherical 3D point
  • Envelope3 - an envelope useful for generating 3D extents
  • Quaternion - a quaternion, math with one real and three imaginary dimensions

    This code has served me well over the last decade in its C, C++, C# and Java incarnations. It's nice to have been able to rationalize it a bit in Ruby.
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