Sunday, February 24, 2008


In some recent writing, I once again was thinking about how I'd get something done. I realized that in this instance it was time for a clever solution rather than something more rigorous or systematic. So I popped out some code that did the job quickly, with a dash of elegance and bravado.

Afterwards, it got me thinking that one of the greatest compliments I've gotten when I've done this sort of thing is that I'd been clever.
  • Clever makes me feel good - a very positive rush.

  • Clever is a little added oomph that makes a good solution into a cool solution.

  • Clever has a feeling of fun and wit to it that is missing from it's more boring cousins capable, organized, or methodical.

  • Clever pushes against the ordinary and admits that there's more to life than following a procedure.

  • Clever adds fun to the journey.

There are some who see clever as a negative - it reeks of non-reproducibility and heroic-effort rather than the more dependable repeatable-process and committee-based decision. Yikes! Quite boorish folks if you ask me! Give me the adroit and courageous over that hesitant ilk any day!

Clever Rocks!

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