Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mulling and Pondering...

It's happening again.

I'm turning another corner in my software development life only to find myself revisiting some of the same issues I've resolved before. Whenever this happens I learn again that though my instincts were good, the solutions I came up with need to be cleansed of my habits from that time. Interestingly, what comes out of this process is something a little simpler, a little more robust, and a little more consistent. Crisper and cleaner. Which is good, I suppose.

I guess I'm just older and crankier now, and as I look over the things I've built I feel the need to streamline the whole mess and make it hook together better. I guess I just want a more holistic software world when things seem to be getting more disconnected in real life.

Why do things feel more disconnected? Tax day? The price of gas? Stiffness in the joints? Perhaps it's just because I'm older and crankier, and the little pleasures have paled a bit. Or maybe I need a warm sandy beach somewhere for a week or two. I just don't know. But I'm tired of disconnectedness.

So I find myself thinking about simplifying again - hiding details through progressive disclosure and creating seemingly invisible interfaces. But this time I'm thinking harder than I have before. I feel like I need to get this right once and for all. I need that layer of infrastructure that I can live with and not second guess again in seven years.


Such is my life, as always.

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