Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prototype and Witch's Brew

When things work differently in one part of a package than they do in another - for no apparently good reason - programming indigestion may occur. When you beat your head against the code for too long trying to figure out why things are screwing up, big headaches are sure to come. The cause of my current indigestion and headache? Element.insert in prototype.

I have some javascript code that renders a string containing some HTML to be added to the bottom of the contents of a some target element. I do the necessary incantation,


Which quite promptly does nothing. WTF?

It turns out that the htmlString I'm sending either needs a javascript toElement method defined that will convert it into a DOM object or it must be a DOM object already. The first alternative is unpalatable - I just want to create html, not a tree of DOM cruft. The second is just as bad, unless I can get the work done for me. Fortunately, I can.

In the body of my document, I declare a special, invisible div,

<div id="_cauldron_" style="display:none;"/>

and I use it to magically transform my html string into an object that I can insert into the target,


The cauldron is where the html must brew to make the magic happen.

You may be asking, "Why does the conversion happen differently in the update? Why doesn't the insert work the same way?" Good question. I have no good answer though. To my way of thinking, The conversion should happen exactly the same way - otherwise kludges like this are forced. Suffice to say that it's all a moving target and everything's always changing. I'm sure this one will get fixed in a future Prototype release (or maybe it is already, my version is not the latest) but it does get frustrating.

Though the indigestion lingers, at least the headache is a little better now.

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